¨Derecha Nueva® by WA¨, does not favor or diminish any political party; party sympathization is not its objective.

Different. Thus we want to be born, as a forum of opinion without referrals, nor imitations. ¨Derecha Nueva® by WA¨, tries to constitute itself as the first forum of public debate on the present and future of the Salvadorian right wing; but nevertheless, considering the past with the objective of rescuing the positive and to condemn and banish the negative, that we must never repeat.

Why call it  “Derecha Nueva (Renewed Right)” instead of proclaiming or discerning from a new right wing? Plain and simple: the Right is and will always be a thought, a real political vision. The Right, not only ¨is¨ but also ¨are¨ millions and millions of people with individual and collective lives, souls and aspirations. We do not intend to create something new, our intention is to contribute to renew and to fortify the thought of the right wing in El Salvador.

Our commitment will be solely with God, justice, freedom, truth and reason. For that, to God we entrust ourselves, our drive and persistence, because to be part of the Right starts with the recognition of the Superior, the Divine.  To be right-winged entails being spiritual and putting that spirituality in favor of others.

The Salvadorian Right will be our main context, without putting aside the very important reality of the Latin American right wing and, therefore, the right wing worldwide.  The battlefield is now global, because the world faces worldwide dangers and challenges, regional and specific; therefore it is necessary to define the problem from the beginning: what is happening and where they are trying to take us if we allowed it.

The problem is a simple and plain reality:  they want to change the rules of the political game. In simple words:  they want to eliminate democracy using the rules of the democratic game to implant, in some cases obsolete models, and political and social test tube experiments in others; but all covered with authoritarianism, deceit and falseness. It is for that reason that the Salvadorian Right must reframe its scenarios, analyzing correctly the reality of the country, of the different sectors of its population, and of the interest groups; using the technical tools that modernity offers. The Salvadorian Right must respond to the objectives and yearnings of the collectivity, directing it with solidarity, conscience and respect; demonstrating to the people that “they” are the most important.

The Salvadorian Right cannot be classist; its language and vocabulary must dismiss that type of differences and hatred. We all fit in this renewed right as we all fit in the country. To be right-winged is to be as kind, good and sympathetic as the good correct political thought must be. To be right-winged means to help look for a way of bringing progress and development to society as a whole. What the Salvadorian Right cannot be is elitist; the humblest Salvadorian is worth as much as any millionaire of the country. A renewed Right puts its best bastions at the front of society; not for their money or lineage, but for their leadership based on the love and defense of the country’s best interests and not for those of a few.

¨Derecha Nueva® by WA¨, does not favor or diminish any political party; party sympathization is not its objective. The partisan does not limit nor encloses its reason of being because it recognizes a fundamental premise for the Salvadorian Right: ¨ the term Right is not exclusive of any political party in El Salvador ¨. This forum is for all the political parties that are established as right-winged organizations. Their actions and behavior will determine their membership or not to this political current.

Then, who are we in ¨Derecha Nueva®porWA¨? We are people committed with El Salvador, its institutions, and their problems and in search of solutions. We are a handful of Salvadorians with the only intention to privilege the people, fundamentally the most in need. We are committed so that the Right helps the country recover the positivism, the faith in itself and to give dignity to the Salvadorian, who needs it so much.

Today, March 10th of 2013, we are born and we shout out loud… HERE WE ARE.


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